At ORENDA, we have a checklist that we use to certify that each brand or product on our website coincides with our moral code.

We want our customers to feel confident in us, and trust that transparency and ethics are behind every step we take. 

Each brand and/ or product fall under two or more of that following categories. 

Fair Production

All products are ethically sourced and produced, throughout the entire production chain.  

Free From Chemicals

All products are free from nasty chemicals that are toxic or hazardous to the human body and the environment.  

Plastic Free

The devastation of plastic waste in our ecosystem, as well as the ongoing research into the damage of micro-plastic means we want to celebrate all plastic free brands. 


The produce have been made primarily of organic material in compliance with organic agricultural standards.  The material is free from herbicides or pesticides. 

Made from

Recycled Material 

Some brands have been creative enough to use our growing stockpile of waste, and design and manufacture beautiful products for us to use.

Finite Solutions

Products that halt existing issues, by providing alternatives to single-use products or otherwise damaging products. Alternatives such as bikes, straws, bottles etc. 


No animal derived materials are used in the product. This includes but is not limited to animal fur, leather, suede, feathers, silk and any adhesives. 

Sustainable Material

Brands have used sustainable materials meaning we can maintain the quantity of that material on earth, thus avoiding depleting natural resources.  

PBA Free

When items are made from plastic, we want it to be PBA Free! PBA has numerous health implications and it is almost unavoidable these days. 

Carbon Conscious

Brands have made every effort to reduce their carbon emissions throughout the whole distribution chain. Or otherwise they have implemented methods to tackle their carbon footprint.


Animal Testing

The products have not been tested on animals, at any part of the production process.  

Made from Natural Materials

Meaning they come from plants or from the ground.

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