Mooncup® is the original, trusted, soft medical-grade silicone mentrual cup


*Please check size requirements before purchasing


The Mooncup® was designed by women as a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. 


  • Tampons absorb 35% vaginal moisture, the mentrual cup wont dry you out or leave fibres behind.
  • Mooncup® holds 3x more than a regular tampon, providing extra protection on heavier days.
  • You only need one Mooncup® it will last for years and years, and it will pay for itself after after 6-8 months. 




No dyes, perfumes, PBA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins



Mooncup® Sanitary Protection - B


    1. Wash your hands
    2. Fold the cup into a 'C'
    3. Part the labia and place the cup as low down in the vagina as it will comfortably sit (lower down than a tampon).
    4. The base of the cup should sit as low as possible in the vagina.  As vaginal length varies, the first time you use your Mooncup you may need to trim the stem to get the best fit for you.



    1. With clean hands, gently squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the seal then slide the cup out.
    2. Empty the contents into the toilet.
    3. We recommend emptying it every 4-8 hours.
    4. Rinse your Mooncup with water or wipe it with a tissue.
    5. Fold and re-insert.


    Please note, some women may take a few cycles to get used to the Mooncup

  • Size A: 

    30 or older OR have given birth vaginally


    Size B:  

    Under 30 & have not given birth vaginally

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